By now you understand the basics of ketosis and are probably wondering “What can and can’t I eat on the ketogenic diet?” If you have done some form of low carb diet (such as Atkin’s) many of these foods listed will be no surprise. In general, always check the nutritional labels and learn how to calculate total and net carbs. The main objective is to get no more than 20g of carbs per day. Those carbs should be from vegetable sources. Please note, there are specific keto sites for medical conditions that will have information that is different from what you may read here. Please google “Keto diet for ” and your medical condition to find sites that give you more specific guidance for your particular medical condition. Additionally, there are keto resources for vegetarians and vegans as well. They provide guidance on how to get more fat and protein without meat/animal products. Please Google “Keto for Vegetarians/Vegans” for more information.

General Ketogenic Food Guide Resources has a very good general guideline of what to eat on the keto diet.
Be sure to also check out the other resources on the site such as the recipes

Diet also has a similar list and provides other resources such as recipes and paid features for those who need more support.

How to read nutritional labels?

One of the keys to success in keto is reading labels. As mentioned before, keto is not just about carbs, there are ingredients that you should avoid.  Your best bet is to read the nutritional data for foods. Mindful Keto provides one of the best articles on the topic of reading food labels. Carbohydrates can be especially tricky to calculate, but this article breaks it down nicely.

How to Read a Food Label in 3 Steps to Make Sure It’s Keto

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