Red Apron Charcuterie

My husband and I are always looking for places to try meats and charcuterie. We recently came upon Red Apron.

While running errands in the Mosaic District we visited Red Apron. The display had beautiful cuts of meats and delicatessen. The butcher, Alex, was friendly and very knowledgeable about the offerings. The best part is, he allowed us to sample just about everything before we decided on our final selections.

We left totally giddy with our bag of loot which included an assortment of charcuterie, sausages, cheeses, and olives. Everything was wrapped with love and care.

Once home we opened up everything except the sausages (ingredients for another day). Every single slice was beautiful and fragrant. We couldn’t help but admire each piece before tasting.

We took one bite of a slice on it’s own and then paired it with one of the cheeses, then with the other cheese.  Every bite was an new and different explosion of flavor. We took our time and part of the fun was the discussion of the flavors we were experiencing. I’m afraid we may be forever spoiled after experiencing what Red Apron had to offer.

The good news is that there are multiple locations and we can order ahead. Oh yes! We intend to return.

Red apron also offers a service called the Butcher’s Box  Read more about it on their website at



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