We have been giving a lot of business to Founding Farmers lately, and it’s because you can taste the quality in their food!

It was a busy Saturday and my hubby and I are out running errands without the kids. We found ourselves in Reston, VA and when we realized it was 4 PM and we had been running on a Starbucks coffee all day, we decided to treat ourselves to big meal at Founding Farmers.

Since it was already almost dinnertime I decided to make it a 1 meal day. The challenge, get as much fat as possible to meet my daily macros and stay full until bedtime.

My eye went right to the Avocado Pablano Cheeseburger. I love seeing avocados as an option on the menu because they provide the additional fat to meet my macro requirements while the pablano add smokey, pepper flavors to the Cheeseburger. With flavors like these I don’t miss the bun!

The burger itself was a generous 1/2 lb (8 oz) patty and to it I added lettuce, tomato, grilled mushrooms and onions. Since this would be my only meal for the day I added sauteed shrimp seasoned simply with salt and pepper. For a side I went with the farmer’s side salad but ended up not eating it because it was sweetened with dates and I didn’t want the added sugar. As you can see, the meal was fit for a Queen or King!

I love how they separated the grilled mushrooms and peppers and put the chipotle mayo on the side. There was about 1/2 an avocado under the patty and using a fork and knife I customized each bite to add just a little bit of each topping.

I started feeling really full half way through the burger (I underestimated how filling it would be with avocado and shrimp) but I managed to finish the whole burger and all the shrimp leaving about 1/2 the mushrooms, onions, chipotle mayo and all of the side salad (because of the dates). I finished this meal at 5 PM and stayed full the rest of the evening until we went to bed at about midnight.  

Macros for this meal

Higher protein than I prefer but still within macros. The Net Carbs (Total Carbs – Fiber) were nice and low considering this was the bulk of the carbs for today.

So glad I had the avocado to add good fat to the equation. With these macros I would could have easily fit another smaller meal such as eggs, bacon and a heavy cream latte. But I was busy during the day and did just fine without it.

Blood Glucose & Ketosis

Saturday Morning: Fasted State Reading 9:00 AM

Before Bed (6 hours after meal) 

At approximately 11:15 PM (6 hours after I ate the meal) I tested just to see where I was in terms of ketosis. 102 is still within a healthy range. Ketone level slightly up. At this point I’m still quite full and satisfied. I’ve had 2 cups of water between dinner and bedtime.

Sunday Morning: Fasted State Reading

The morning after, at approximately 9:15 AM
Wow! Wasn’t expecting that! Blood sugar way down and ketones way up. Still not feeling that hungry. Got 8.5 uninterrupted sleep.

Change in weight
– Down 1.3 lbs from Saturday morning (124.1 lbs ) from the previous days weight.

Conclusion: The meal had a low impact on my blood glucose levels in less than 24 hours I was below my previous day’s fasted blood glucose levels.

Notes: Although the meal was a big one I still managed to stay under my daily  macro target. Other than light housework and errands I didn’t get a lot of physical activity in (no gym). I had a Starbucks Grande Latte made with all Heavy Cream and sweetened with a monkfruit at around noon (4.5 hrs before dinner).

I was fully prepared to see the scale go up and honestly a meal like this is worth it. But losing weight after this is just mind blowing to me. Love this way of eating.

Last Words: This meal makes my approved list of restaurant menu items because my body responded well to it, I didn’t feel lethargic or experience any kind of crash and most importantly it was delicious! This felt more like a cheat meal but according to the keto/LCHF lifestyle, it really wasn’t.

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