While reviewing our Green Chef a few weeks ago we glanced at the Paleo menu. Hubby is more LCHF than keto and now that I am in maintenance I don’t mind the Paleo menu once in while, and previous weeks of Paleo menu did not affect my blood sugar and ketosis as much as I expected and although my blood ketones did run lower those days, I remained in ketosis and was productive at work.

This was dish 2 of 3 this week. And was easy to prepare and delicious! I tried to lower the carbs in my portion by reducing the cranberries and amount of sauce on my plate. It was worth ever bite! The chicken was perfectly cooked and had a pleasant sweetness from the maple without being overpowering. The turmeric added a warm complexity to the maple. The Goddess Dressing was out of this world and would have me eating kale salads all day long. I need to look up how to make this dressing! I would definitely have this again.

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