The purpose of this is to see what my year was like and to draw lessons learned from the events that are highlighted.

MyFitnessPal – Tracking for 1 Year Jan 1 2019 – Jan 1 2020

I am a Gemini and this chart looks like 2 personalities.

Jan 1 2019 – May 29 2019 – Stayed strict keto, even on most dates with hubby. I didn’t cheat even on my kids birthdays. I was focused on clean eating and had a nice balance of foods that kept me happy and healthy.

June 1 – My 40th Birthday cruise in the Bahamas alone with my husband Solomon and an all you can eat buffet of desserts. This was a necessary trip for me, for us, for everyone. It required that I let down my guard a bit so fully enjoy the moments with my husband. I have 0 regrets on this.

I always say that a cheat day should be worth it and there should be occasion for it. A birthday is a great reason for some to splurge and a 40th Birthday deserves it. To be honest, it wasn’t until the end of Day 2 or 3 that I had my cheat. It was totally worth it at the time but the next day my stomach just hurt like crazy. It helped me slow down to want to skip breakfast on day 3 but we used our last day to have one last splurge before returning to more responsible eating.

The cheat cruise ended up putting on a good 8 pounds by the time we returned back home June 4th. The scale was humbling but I wasn’t really sorry for my cheats, but I was ready to get back to work and took a relaxed approach to getting back to base (125 LBS). But with family and friends wanting me to celebrate with them with food, it was hard to say no but I did my best to balance.

In July I was under a lot of stress as my most important project was going live. The stress of it had me snacking/eating more and exercising less. My journals indicate I was very anxious at this time. This was also around the time I introduced “keto friendly” bars into my diet which was a tough lesson learned. In general they don’t agree with me and I completely removed them from my diet.

October – Travel to Mass

November 5 – 7 – Work trip to NJ – Keto Queen

November 9th – Anniversary Dinner Date

November 28 – Thanksgiving

December 13 – Hubby’s Work Holiday Party & Date Night

December 18 – Work Engagement

December 20 – Holidays with Kids begin

December 21 – Hubby’s Special DInner

December 25 – Christmas – Cheat Week Start – Hubby hurt his back and our plans to make keto fried chicken went down the hill quickly as we made waffles, and decided to take the humorous but convenient route of Chinese Delivery on Christmas complete with Peking duck, ribs, chicken on a stick etc. Delicious! When the kids fell asleep hubby and I capped off the night with rum and Egg nog … or 4 or 6 and cookies. It was all worth it.

December 31 – Cheat Week End –

How did it go? VERY WELL! I managed to stay ahead by making sure I stick to my workouts especially during the holidays. I use Intermittent Fasting to help keep me in shape so that I balance a feast with a fast. The outfits and events kept me motivated and I am excited for repeating this in 2020.

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