Dinner Tonight! Green Chef BEEF & BUTTERNUT SQUASH CHILI
with bell pepper, roasted peppers, cilantro-lime crema & cheddar

Todays Personal Thought:
Making it a goal to return to normal as much as possible after October 15th when my work hour will finally easy after months of stressful deadlines. I started back on my journey toward normal last week by getting back into the habit of cooking at home more and reducing delivery. My work hours will be returning to normal soon and I look forward to taking things back to the way they were this time last year. Green Chef has helped us get back to that happier normal. Getting back to my cooking photos and videos is one step closer toward normal for me. I missed it and starting to post again has brought some of the joy and happiness back as well. This blog isn’t just about keto. It’s about tracking habits to ensure I stay on the right path and to work through obstacles such as lockdown and wfh with kids. One day at a time, one meal at a time we will get there together ❤

This was so perfect! Chili is a fall/winter favorite! This recipe is from the Paleo menu and definitely low carb friendly. To make it more keto I would add avocado 🥑 slices and fewer 🍅 but when the carbs come from veggies I’m very forgiving. I feel so full and grateful for this meal. Very filling and very comforting! It was like the hug I needed after a busy day. I’ll have to make this one again. Thanks to Green Chef for reminding me of this Fall/Winter time favorite.


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