The classic Southern combo of shrimp and grits gets a keto-friendly reimagining in tonight’s 25-minute dish. Here, cauliflower “grits,” finished with cream cheese and melty sharp cheddar cheese, fills in for the traditional cornmeal. They’re topped with tender blackened shrimp, pan-seared with green bell pepper for a light crunch. A lemon-chive vinaigrette, drizzled over top, adds a bright and tangy finish.

Very easy to prepare. Seen here everything cooking.
Sautéing the cauliflower to make tender.
.later I added almond flour, cream cheese and shredded cheddar for the “grits”
Hers what was in the bag plus the raw uncooked shrimp..
Prep step of seasonings the shrimp and chopping rhe green bell peppers. Easy.
Saved the extra for rhe next day.
Before I was keto, I loved shrimp and grits! I would order it whenever I saw it on a menu! I thought i had to give it up forever until I tried a recipe for ketp cauliflower “grits.” This recipe is just as easy. I loved how this all came together. A short prep and I have more confidence in my shrimp sautéing skills.
Floaters went beautifully together! I look forward to enjoying the 2nd serving for a later meal.

Thank you Green Chef 😘


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