Spoiler Alert: This was so disappointing. I would not buy this again. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

What is it?

Chocolate truffles sold in packs of 4 at $2.50 or more per piece.

Claims to be Vegan. Raw. Sugar Free. Keto. The sweetener used is Erythritol although others ingredients were questionable as to their keto worthiness. Still, coming in at about 1g of Net Sugar this was worth a try!

At a cost of $10 per pack I expect next level keto chocolate with great quality, consistency, flavors as promised and I should be ready to re order more and tell all my keto followers to buy it. The product site and social media were filled with photos of mouth watering chocolate flavors with a perfectly coated galaxy of colors atop each piece. They looked artisan and handcrafted. At $2.50 per piece I expected the quality I saw in the product images.

Note expiration date 04/2021
Date of consumption 12/2020


Nice packaging with 4 per box. Packaging included all ingredients and Nutritional label. Formatting and messaging is clear. Overall nice.

Good packaging. Plastic tray and chocolate were in a single plastic sealed bag for freshness.

Choclate Pieces

Inconsistent. There were 4 pieces in all and 2 with bloom (foggy coating on top) and 2 looked clear. There was some inconsistencies here so we went with the pieces with no bloom. Bloom has more to do with tempering the chocolate correctly than anything else. This is a challenge with keto candies and I have had other brands with bloom and they tasted great. While I would expect a store brand sugar free chocolate to contain bloom (KetoLogic) I expected more from Phi Kind. As a consumer paying $10 for 4 pieces. I expected to see no bloom on the chocolate and the flavors that resemble those promised on the packaging. Neither was the case for this flavor.

Hubby’s Review

He hated it. He literally said it was “Disgustingly boozie and would not eat this again.” Wow! I thought he was overexaggerating until I took a bite. Wow! He was right! This was disgusting. One of the factors we discuss is re order. That’s a solid NO for us. This we would not recommend or reorder.

Final Words

I had high hopes for this. I purchased this flavor as a gift for my husband and if he liked it I intended to buy many, many, more for all of my diabetic/keto family and friends as a Christmas stocking stuffer, care package gift. I am so upset by this experience I want others to know before they purchase. I have other flavors from this brand and I am hopeful that they will be much better.

I sent the company the following through FB messenger and hope to start a conversation about quality .

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