Grilled Leg Quarters marinated in a Thai Red Curry Paste. With roasted brocolli (not shown).




Southwestern ground beef bowl with cilantro lime cauliflower rice and grated cheddar cheese.


Hubby had fast food with the kids but I opted for egg bacon and avocado and my favorite coffee


  1. Need to cut down on the coffee still drinking more than 2 a day but getting better. Stop drinking coffee after dinner at night.
  2. Need to IF at least 16 hours. Stop drinking coffee first thing (push for 10 am). I’ve been barely doing 12 hrs lately.
  3. Was awesome at using leftovers (chicken) and minimized waste
  4. Need improvement with drinking after dinner coffee
  5. Cool Whip doesn’t love me
  6. I was awesome about eating eggs and bacon with for lunch
  7. I didn’t order out once this week 🙂
  8. Exercise improved this week but still need more cardio days!
  9. Add more total gym ab work and the 8 min videos. Incline up to 4!
  10. Sleep was good this week.
  11. Drinking ACV again


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