Ingredients are overall good enough to be low carb but strict keto says corn starch should be avoided.

This is a product we keep in our freezer regularly.

  • Easy 7 mins to reheat in our microwave
  • Has the right texture and consistency
  • Original, Roasted Garlic and Sour Cream flavors
  • Space in refrigerator and longer life product in freezer
  • Next best thing to homemade

I would love to see a version that doesn’t have corn starch but when I need that easy button side or don’t have time for homemade, this is my go to!

My favorite from scratch recipe below

My Recipe

How I Use It

Cauliflower Mash is a lower carb option than mashed potatoes. Here are some ideas of how to use cauliflower mash. These are meals I serve at home that go great with Mashed Cauliflower. Click on the pic to go to the recipe for the main dish.


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