Los Toltecos Veracruz Parillada

VERACRUZ PARRILLADA – Mahi mahi, shrimp and scallops served on a hot skillet with a bed of mushrooms, covered with cheese and green tomatillo sauce, served with lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, mango pico de gallo, rice, refried or black beans and flour or corn tortillas. Of course I didn’t get Read more…

Red Apron – Charcuterie

Red Apron Charcuterie My husband and I are always looking for places to try meats and charcuterie. We recently came upon Red Apron. While running errands in the Mosaic District we visited Red Apron. The display had beautiful cuts of meats and delicatessen. The butcher, Alex, was friendly and very Read more…

Pei Wei – Korean Spicy Steak

How to order it Korean Spicy Steak with no rice or noodles. Substitute for more stir fried veggies. Note: Although not 100% keto, this is a nice low carb option at Pei Wei.  However I have not been knocked out of ketosis within 48 hours of consuming this meal.

Dining @ Los Toltecos / Tex Mex Grill

TOLTECOS PARRILLADA A grilled steak and chicken served on a hot skillet with a bed of onions topped with cheese and tasty Minstrel show sausage served with lettuce guacamole sour cream and tomatoe. Steak Veracruz A delicious seasoned T-bone steak topped with shrimp, scallions, tasty cheese and  tomatillo sauce   Read more…

Starbucks: Blonde Latte

How to order it: Tall Blonde Latte with Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce. Heavy Cream. Please note Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce is a product containing Sucralose (Splenda) which has a low carb but not keto approved.