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There are many different applications for the ketogenic diet. My focus was on keto for weight loss. I found Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube. He has helped thousands of patients lose weight using the ketogenic diet. Through his decades of practice, Dr. Berg has observed how his patients reacted to different tweaks to the diet and developed a very successful keto for weight loss method. He has authored several books and shares his knowledge through hundreds of YouTube videos. These videos helped me understand the basics of the ketogenic diet, my body type, and what to eat/avoid and how to exercise based on my body type. Dr. Berg offers products in support of keto for weight loss as well as nutritional support. You are not required to buy his products to succeed in this diet.

What is Ketosis?

This series of 4 videos from Dr. Berg on YouTube explains the basics of the ketogenic diet, starting with “What is a ketone?” Dr. Berg explains the process of ketosis, and how ketosis leads to fat burning.

What is a Ketone?

How to Burn the Most Fat


7 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

My Best Fat Burning Philosophy

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The 4 Body Types