This recipe is near and dear to my heart. If I had to pick the foods that got to me to my heaviest weight, it would include Pumpkin Spice Lattes from a popular coffee shop. Once I had reached maintenance I decided to treat myself to the sugar free version from a recipe I saw on KetoConnect. I used home made pumpkin puree using a pie pumpkin. The syrup is versatile and I experimented with it in other recipes such as 90 Second Pumpkin Spice Muffin.

KetoConnect has a really nice video demonstrating how to make pumkin spice latte. I used the same syrup to make a pumpkin chai spice latte.

I make my own pumkin puree using a pie pumpkin and kosher salt.

Home made sugar free pumpkin spice syrup. Very versatile. I used it in a 90 second bread recipe. Just add 2 TBSP of this puree in place of pumkin puree, spices, sugar/sweetner and vanilla.

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