I was no stranger to MyFitnessPal. I had an account for years but hadn’t used it since I got pregnant with my first baby. Once I got my Fitbit charge 2, I used the mobile app to enter all my nutritional data. As I got to know the Fitbit better I learned that it sinks with MyFitnessPal, however it is recommended that the food and nutritional information be entered into my fitness MyFitnessPal.

Later I learned that MyFitnessPal also integrates with my Bowflex Max M5 cardio machine. So every time I used my Max, it would sync with the app on my mobile device and upload the activity exercise data to MyFitnessPal. I really like this feature.

MyFitnessPal app has one of the largest food databases. The app has a barcode scanning feature which makes him pudding food into your diary very simple. I especially like the feature to create recipes and meals.

The only drawbacks of this app are that it does not calculate net carbs. You have to look at your daily nutritional data and do the subtraction yourself. Also the communities and groups on MyFitnessPal leave much to be desired. Most of the ketogenic groups and Pages have long been abandoned for years. However that could change over time. And Community was not a factor for my choice of macros tracking app.

Here is an example of a recipe I created. That’s my photo and the ingredients. I love this feature because I like to cook and this helps me calculate while I’m in the kitchen cooking. It’s easy to use and is a great tool for helping me plan my meals and determine what portions will help me meet my macro goals.





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