If you are a keto beginner it is especially important to read labels to become acquainted with what is/isn’t keto. Review labels on everything and make sure you agree with the ingredient list.

I’ve been cooking with Original McCormick Taco Seasoning for a long time. I saw the organic version and brought it home without varifying the ingredients.

Lesson: Just because it’s low carb doesn’t make it keto. Make your own instead. See recipe for a basic taco seasoning at the bottom of this post.

Original McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix

Although the carb count is low  the ingredients include potato starch and sugar which are on the  list of things to avoid on most keto. Some people who are lchf or dirty keto are ok with these because the starch and sugar are in such small quantity. But if you are trying to clean up your keto game or simply avoiding sugars you will want to avoid this one.

McCormic Organics Taco Seasoning

I was so happy to see the organic with no gmo. But even with this cleaner version there is a small quantity of  sugar via cane sugar. Although better … not good enough.

Best: Make it yourself!

Nothing says quality control like making it yourself with your own ingredients . I have made an investment in spices and am NOT affraid to use them. Here are some of the spices I use in my taco seasoning; the same as those listed on the taco seasoning ingredients list minus the sugar and other non keto stuff.

Here is a recipe for Taco Seasonings from AllRecipes.com. We have used it several times for Tex-Mex night.







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