Porterhouse Steak and Roasted Balsamic Brussel Sprouts with Red Onion & Goat Chees

Recipe for Pork Chop

Recipe for Brussels Sprouts:

Hubby and I have become huge fans of splitting a big steak and low carb side. On recent dates we have noticed that brussels sprouts have become a popular item at many of the restaurants this past summer. Ambar, the B-Side and even Bonefish had them. I realize now that I never liked them because steamed sprouts are soggy and have a flat, bitter (unpleasent) flavor. However, preparing them in a cast iron skillet does wonderful things to the flavor, texture and appearance of this dish. Tonight I used a special ingredient, Mountain Town Olive Oil Company 18 year aged Balsamic Vinager. @MountainTownOliveOil This bottle was a gift and I use it sparingly. It has a very well developed flavor that marries beautifully with these Brussels sprouts.


I render the fat from 2 thick slices of uncured bacon in a cast iron skillet until the bacon is crispy. I set aside the bacon and sautee the red onions and brussel sprouts in the bacon fat, seasoning simply with salt and fresh black pepper. I like for the brussel sprouts to take on a golden brown delicious color before turning them face up. I finish them in the oven with two tablespoons of balsamic at 400 degrees. I chop up an add back the crunchy bacon bits and top with goat cheese crumbles. I love this dish because it has complex flavors ranging from bitter, sweet, sour, salty. The textures start out roasty tender until you hit the crunch from the bacon and then the creamy goat cheese. Having a bite with porterhouse is magic! I feel so spoiled eating like this. It gives us that date night experience here at home.

Recipes we used for this dinner

Brussels Sprouts with Red Onion and White Balsamic Vinegar


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