Hubby went shopping and couldn’t resist the Niman Ranch Tomahawk pork chops at the butcher counter. He brought them home and I couldn’t wait to make this recipe for Cumin Dijon Pork Chops I found in the NY Times Cooking section in 2018 and it was hit with the family. Even our toddlers like them. It’s simple to prepare and delicious. It’s made it into our menu rotation.

You can, of course, use regular pork chops boneless or bone in. But there is something very satisfying about that meat along the bone. Just reduce the time in the oven by a few minutes when going boneless.

Sauted Cabbage

It seems insulting to call this a side dish because it’s so delicious on it’s own. The sauted cabbage is extremely delicious with the pork. The only ingredients in this dish are fat/oil, cabbage, onion, garlic, salt and & pepper. You can use your choice of butter or oil but I use bacon fat to sautee the cabbage. You could also use the fat left in the skillet (after baking the pork) to sautee the cabbage, giving it a nice cumin dijon flavor. The full meal takes about 35 minutes total and the cabbage, onions, garlic can be chopped in advance to speed up the process.

Depending on how strict you are with keto, you can omit the onions and garlic but I choose to use the. for their anti-inflammatory properties and of course the flavors.

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