Fat: 22g + 14g Oil
Carbs: 16 Net (20 Total)
Protein: 44g

Sweet and tangy flavors mingle in this Italian-inspired dish. Chicken breasts seasoned with a rosemary-garlic herb blend are pan-seared, then roasted in balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard. The chicken is drizzled in a green lemon-herb sauce and served alongside sautéed broccoli and grape tomatoes. Feta cheese crumbles give the dish a sharp and creamy finish

We have had this dish before from Green Chef and were delighted to see it again with different veggies. I especially love the sauce which is reminiscent of an Indian Cilantro Green Chutney. All together a delicious entree that we will gladly order again if we see it on the Green Chef Keto Menu Options.

Nutritional Info

From a keto perspective this meal has more protein than fat. Chicken breast is so lean that you have to add fat to this dish to get the macros higher. Please keep in mind that the recipe calls for oil for frying the fish and veggies which adds 14g per tablespoon of oil. The carbs are all within the 20 net limit. The 6 sugars are likely coming from the tomatoes and balsamic. Reduce the amount of these if you are concerned about carbs.


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