What to order at a Ford’s Fish Shack

It’s Saturday late afternoon and hubby took me out for an early dinner while we had grandma watch the boys. We went to nearby Fords Fish Shack. The patio was packed so we grabbed a high top by the bar. We each ordered one of the specials. Sol ordered red snapper with grilled veggies and polenta. I ordered the other special; Lobster. YES! One of my favs! Here are our plates.

Lobster has very little if any carbs. It is prepared steamed and served with lemon and butter. Served here whole, the majority of the meat is in tail and claw. I ordered double melted butter and substituted the corn on the cob for asparagus. I was tempted to order the red snapper but didn’t want the polenta which is not keto and is high in carbs. I got a taste of one complete bite of the red snapper from Sol. I would definitely order it if it’s on the menu again, subbing the polenta for more veggies.

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