Good evening all! I was up super early to catch my flight to Massachusette where my esteemed colleague, MW, and I trained 40 new employees on our new platform. No time for a Starbucks, the day demanded a lot of us with few breaks. I did get a salad with deli meat for a light meal before training. We soldiered through the session and rewarded ourselves with a delicious steak dinner at 110 Grill.

MW is a fan of steak and so am I. I ordered the Chimichurri Steak replacing fries with roasted Brussels sprouts and steamed broccoli. I needed this after today.

Side note: When I checked into my hotel, they had to change my room due to overbooking. To my absolute delight I got a room with a jetted tub! I got an unexpected gift from the universe and I’m feeling so lucky right now!

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