Lunch Today: Homemade Fancy Ground Meat Tostadas with a Chipotle lime Aioli
30 minutes at home meal.

Those lovely layers are thin cheddar slices toasted on parchment paper and cooled to form the tostada layers.  They are delightfully crisp and could easily work as chips. I had 2 burgers thawing in the fridge and cooked them on a skillet with diced yellow onion and seasoned with Southwestern spices including Ancho Chili powder and smoked salt among others in this quick recipe. I had no tomato but that makes this meal even lower carb. Finally I had some  Chipotle Lime Aoili dressing in my fridge and it paired well with the rest of the dish. Yes I couldn’t help but plate it all pretty because after all, I eat with my eyes first 🥰! All in 30 minutes at home using the stuff I have on hand.

Back to work feeling so charged and ready!

Other perfect toppings could include cilantro, sour cream, avocado, hot sauce, pickled onions/reddish, shredded cabbage.

Have a great day!

Thin slices of cheddar cheese baked on parchment paper in a toaster oven.


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