Hooters: WIse Choice (WC) Grilled Blackened Shrimp

Hooters is becoming one of my favorite places for delivery. During the 2020 Pandemic we have been relying more on delivery and the menu options make it easy to stay keto/LCHF

The Grilled Blackened Shrimp caught my eye and I almost dismissed it until I realized there was a new easy option to remove the chips that come with the meal. I wanted a salad with delicious grilled shrimp and avocado 🥑. The guacamole was the next best thing!

Notes: Tortilla chips are not keto. Ditch the chips.

Always opt for fresh avocado 🥑 but guacamole is a fantastic and delicious option. Mind the fact that some recipes for guacamole call for sugar and some restaurants do not make the guacamole from scratch.

This meal has all the flavors I craved while providing the fat macros I seek. Seen here as it came delivered to my door via City Cheetah. Uber Eats and other local delivery services/apps will have this item but menu options may vary.


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