These photos were taken approximately 24 hrs apart without the use of exogenous ketones.

Whenever my ketone level is low I simply use Intermittent Fasting and exercise to get back into ketosis.

My Plan:

* intermittent fast for at least 12 hrs (overnight)

* eat strict keto (prefer steak, eggs, bacon, salad)

* season simply. Avoid sauces

* avoid packaged foods (low carb bars, drinks)

* Eat extra greens (spinach, kale)

* Limit heavy cream in coffee

* Limit/avoid sweeteners in coffee

* no diet soda

* no fruit

* no desserts (no artificial sweetners)

* low dairy/cheese

* 15 minute HIIT workout

* Take electrolytes

* Drink water when thirsty/ don’t overdo it

* Get extra sleep



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