Keto Thanksgiving

We decided to prepare a quaint keto Thanksgiving in 2018. The keto menu included

  • Deep fried cornish hens
  • Roasted butternut squash hash
  • Parsnip Mash
  • Green bean casserole
  • Acorn squash pie for dessert

Deep fried cornish hens we had one for each adult and cut them in half  for easy serving.

Fried cornish hens, parsnip mash, keto cranberry sauce, butternut squash Hash, green bean casserole. All low carb and keto friendly.

Deep fried cornish hens, halved.

Roasted butternut squash hash with bacon, onions, and mushrooms. This is one of our favorite keto side dishes that we used as stuffing. Low carb and delicious.

Home made Cranberry Sauce (Keto friendly)

Herbed parsnip mash instead of mashed potato

Non low carb options for our guest. Stovetop stuffing just in case any of our non keto family wanted it. Stovetop has been a favorite in my family since I was a kid. For the keto option we had roasted butternut squash hash with mushrooms and red onions.

My husband, Sol,  was brilliant in creating a delicious cranberry sauce that was low carb.

He also figured a way to make cream of mushroom soup keto for the green bean Casserole.

Grateful and thankful for family and friends.

My brother, Neetin, and my Dad (not pictured) dined in the evening with us. Here is my brother with his Thanksgiving plate. He embraced the non keto items but was happy to see I had Hawaiian rolls and Stovetop waiting for him.

And for dessert: Keto Acorn Squash Pie for dessert. Featuring a almond flour ginger spice crust. We were so busy spending time with each other we didnt take nearly enough photos but no regrets.

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