Taco night gets a keto-friendly twist. Boneless chicken thighs, seasoned with a chorizo-style spice blend, are pan-seared with green bell pepper and yellow onion. It’s all piled into crispy homemade taco shells — made here with shredded Monterey Jack cheese. A jicama and cabbage slaw, tossed with pepitas and a tangy chimichurri vinaigrette, adds a light crunch on the side

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Special Notes

The recipe calls for olive oil in the cabbage jicama salad. Instead we used Hemp Oil whch provided an earthy, greener flavor that complimented the other ingredients. We liked it so much we wanted to make a note to use Hemp oil again for this recipe and for other salad dressings.

This label doesn’t include the fat/oil used to saute the veggies in this dish. We prefer to use left over bacon fat for it’s delicious flavor and because we don’t like to waste good pork fat also called lard. 1 Tablespoon of lard contains 13g of fat/ 0g Protein / 0 g carbs which means that you can increase the fat macros in this dish based on your goals by adding lard or another form of pure fat. This recipe without the addition of the fat is very high in protein in proportion to the fat. The carbohydrated (Total Cabs 17g – Dietery Fiber 7g = 10g Net Carbs). This is actually really good for a single serving.


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