A lively seafood dish to spice up fall nights. Shrimp are seasoned with a Cajun spice blend (featuring thyme, oregano, basil, andred pepper) and cooked to a tender finish. They’re served over a bed of braised collard greens and roasted red peppers — finished in a smoky tomato sauce. Crispy bacon, sprinkled over top, adds a light crunch throughout.

Results: DELICIOUS! My brother helped me eat this dish since my hubby is allergic to shrimp. I am a huge fan of collards and other greens so this was a home run for me. My brother (not-keto) devoured the whole meal and said he would definitely eat this again if I made it. What a delicious and healthy way to enjoy shrimp and greens. Best of all, I love hot meals so that fact that the greens were hot (unlike a salad) made this extra special for me.


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