A comforting cold-weather dish inspired by Southern flavors. Boneless pork chops are pan-seared, slathered with a Creole Dijonnaise, then topped with pecans. Oven-roasted to a juicy finish, they’re served over braised butternut squash and collards seasoned with a Memphis-style barbecue spice blend. Fresh scallion adds a light crunch throughout.

Nutritional Info/Macros

Note: This information does not include the oil/fats used to sautee/pan fry the components of this recipe. We estimate that we consumed about 2 TB additional in fat, which adds about 25-30g of fat to this meal.

The Net Carbs are 22g minus Dietary Fiber 6g, meaning this dish has 16g Net Carbs. This is well within the 20g limit for the day.

Protein is right on par with what you would expect for this portion size. Knowing this, I planned to have a low carb day with moderate protein for lunch.

Results were DELICIOUS! We would love to see this dish again. It has so many flavor and texture components to it. Once again Green Chef has done it! The portion size was generous, and very satisfying. It looks complicated but it really was easy since Green Chef did most of the pre-measuring and cutting for us.

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