Classic comfort food, perfect for early fall. Here, steak hash is prepared with shaved sirloin steak seasoned with a Montrealspice blend (featuring paprika, coriander, celery seed, and dried mustard). It’s served over a bed of butternut squash, kale, and grape tomatoes, then drizzled in a lemon-garlic crema. Toasted pecans and sliced scallion add a light crunch on top.

Nutritional Info/Macros

Note: The macros on this recipe do not include the oil/fat used to saute/cook the veggies and meat. We estimate that we each had an additional 2 TBSP of fat adding 25-30 additional fat to this meal .

Net Carbs = 20g. This is at the top of my daily limit but I am ok with that knowing it is coming from mostly the veggies in this dish

Protein = Under 30 is great for one meal for me. This is an example of moderate protein.


Very flavorful and satisfying. I would make this again and again. You may know by now that I love the concept of eating meat and veggies in one dish. Salads can be a bit unsatisfying but a hot dish like this that incorporates so many healthy and low carb veggies is the perfect meal for me. Green Chef makes it easy.

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