Dinner tonight (Low Carb High Fat )
Chinese “Takeout” Style Pork Ribs with  Cauliflower, Red bell pepper, and Walnut “Rice”

Macros for 1 serving: 4 ribs with 4oz Cauliflower “Rice”

38g fat
13 net carbs (16 total – 3 fiber)
26g protein

All credits to my husband, Solomon, who has been working on this delicious Chinese takeout inspired recipe for a few weeks now and today they were just perfect! Sweet, spicey with just a little heat to give it a kick. The 5 spice gives it a wonderful aroma and complex flavors. I don’t miss regular rice when there’s cauliflower “rice.”  This time sauted in a avocado oil with red bell pepper and a toasted walnut crunch. This was a fantastic use of ButcherBox ribs!

The Ribs & Marinade/Sauce

– 1 rack Butcher Box Grass fed pork ribs
-Coco Amino (Soy Sauce Replacement)
– Rice Wine Vinegar
– Golden Monkfruit
– Chinese 5 spice
– White pepper
– Kosher salt
– Onion powder
– Garlic paste
– Finely chopped Ginger

Cauliflower “Rice” with Red bell pepper and Walnut

– Cauliflower “

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