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The macros on this meal are very good. The fat is high and can be easily made even higher with the addition of more butter in the piccata sauce. The beats and red peppers provide a sweet flavor balance without too many carbs. The portion size was very satisfying and definitely filling.

Contents of Meal Prep Bag & Preparation

Overall preparation was simple for this recipe. The beets were pre-sliced and made for an easy salad / side for the salmon. The two pieces of salmon fillet were beautifully cut with the skin on. They fried up nicely in a non-stick pan as directed. The Piccata sauce was also super simple and incredibly flavorful. This was a great way for me to practice preparing pan seared salmon. A non stick pan is definitely your best friend for this.

The beats and peppers were easy to prepare in the oven.

Salmon was pre-sliced for two portions.


Salmon with Piccata Sauce – Beets Bell Peppers

1st time making this. – October 15, 2018

Confession:  I expected this to be my least favorite dish of this week, yet it ended up being one of my favorite all time dishes from Green Chef! I conquered my fear of preparing fish with this recipe! The piccata sauce is a game-changer for me. In the past I have always seasoned simply with just lemon but I never really enjoyed it the flat flavor against the fish. The capers in garlic butter were just perfect. I had never made this sauce before or used capers in this way. If you have a fear of pan searing fish please practice this recipe and be sure to use a non stick pan as instructed. I didn’t expect to love this dish but I really do. I couldn’t stop thinking about the sauce days later. My hubby, who knows how nervous I am about cooking fish, said that the fish was perfectly cooked, and was made for the buttery sourness of the piccata sauce. The beets and bell pepper side provided a fresh and sweet balance that ended with the crunch of a walnut for additional complexity. Every bite was a treat with flavors and textures that all made this into a simple to prepare and memorable dish from Green Chef.

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January 24 – 2019 – So happy to see this on the Green Chef menu again. This time Sol prepared it. Just as good as the first time. Special notes, the veggie hash is so good! 


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