Another huge and epic win for low carb chocolate from Lily’s. By now you know that I like a little bit of (sugar free) sweetness in my life. Hubby is used to picking up a Lily’s bar of chocolate for me every once in a while, and one day he returned with this from Harris Teeter (grocery) in the candy aisle. I had seen this on Amazon but it was sold out

What’s inside?

Individually wrapped peanut butter cups that are a bit smaller than the single servicing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups around Halloween and certainly bigger than the bite size pieces.

These are one of my absolute favorite packaged low carb high fat (LCHF) packaged candies. I love it because my fasted blood glucose of always normal the day after consuming one or two.

Taste – yes ALL THE YUMS!! Hubby loves this too. You get roasted peanut flavors, just enough sweetness. Extremely satisfying!

My Personal Experience: This is definitely using no maltitol, and the sugar substitute used did not cause any adverse reactions or stomach ache after consuming. The morning after consuming my fasted blood glucose was below 90. I also did not see a significant drop in ketone levels the day after consumption which is almost as important to me as the BG.

What I also love is that they come in Dark Chocolate as well as my preferred, Milk.

Final Words

Lily’s is a brand that has gotten sugar free chocolate RIGHT. They are far superior than brands such as Russel Stover’s or Whiteman’s Sampler Sugar Free samplers because they contain no maltitol which can cause stomach upset and bloating as well as sugar spikes to some. The peanut butter cups are an excellent edition to their line and we have already reordered this several times, especially around Halloween when you want to enjoy a peanut butter cup while staying within your macros for the day.

In edition to their variety if sugar free chocolate bars, Lily’s offers sugar free products that I use regularly in baking low carb desserts and treats. They offer a variety of baking chips including semi sweet, dark, butterscotch and white chocolate morsels chocolate chips that I use in my recipes. I love the taste of their product and the consistent quality they deliver.

Where I Buy Locally

Harris Teeter
CVS Pharmacy
Walmart (limited)

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